Live Music and Events


Live Saxaphone Every Wednesday

Beginning in May 2024, escape the midweek routine at Vinotheque Bistro and join us on Wednesdays for an enchanting dining experience. Indulge in delectable pasta, creamy risottos, and succulent seafood while a live saxophonist fills the air with captivating melodies. Our cozy French-inspired haven sets the stage for a perfect midweek celebration, complemented by tender grills and a curated wine selection. Join us for an evening of exceptional cuisine and soulful music, making Wednesdays at Vinotheque Bistro a delightful escape.

Traditional Accordion Every Sunday

Beginning in May 2024, immerse yourself in the charm of a Sunday evening at Vinotheque Bistro, where culinary excellence meets live entertainment. Picture savoring our delectable pasta, creamy risottos, and fresh seafood while the enchanting notes of an accordion player create a delightful atmosphere. Sundays at our French-inspired haven offer a perfect blend of exceptional cuisine and soulful melodies. Join us for a relaxing dining experience, where tender grills and a carefully selected wine collection enhance the flavors of your meal. Make Sundays memorable at Vinotheque Bistro, where each bite and every accordion tune contribute to a perfect weekend evening.

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Private Events for Every Occasion

Make your special occasions even more special at Vinotheque Bistro. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a corporate gathering, or a lively family affair, our welcoming restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for everyone to come together over exquisite food and wine. And when the weather’s fine, take your event to the terrace for an al fresco meal with breathtaking sea views.

Our dedicated team takes care of all the details—meticulous planning, tailored menus, and handpicked wine selections—ensuring your celebration is just as you wish. Book your private event at Vinotheque Bistro and let us transform your moments into unforgettable experiences.